Wine Innovation Cluster
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Wine Innovation Cluster


Wine Innovation Central Building,
Waite Campus
Corner of Hartley Grove and Paratoo Road
Urrbrae SA 5064

Postal Address

PO Box 197
Glen Osmond
South Australia 5064

Telephone: +61 8 8313 6600


Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the Wine Innovation Cluster (WIC) - a collaborative initiative from four of Australia's leading agencies involved in grape and wine research.

The WIC is based on the co-location of its partners on the Waite campus in Adelaide. The Waite campus has a rich and distinguished record in agricultural research generally, and through our agencies, it has fostered many of the pivotal innovations and the knowledge that underpins the modern Australian wine sector.

Cooperation across all sectors of the Australian Grape and Wine Industry has long been identified as a key competitive edge for Australia in the global wine market.

The unfolding challenges of climate change, competition for valuable natural resources, economic pressures and social responsibility together with growing market competition drive the need for ongoing innovation. There is an increasing need for ground breaking solutions that result in increased productivity, sustainability and clearly differentiated products that make a positive contribution to society.

The co-location of WIC partners seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaborative approaches to tackle the challenges that are faced by the wine sector as a whole. Importantly we look to apply the complimentary research capabilities of our partners to maximise synergies and to increase the pace of discovery and uptake by industry.

WIC is best summed up by outgoing Chairman Brian Walsh:

“The Wine Innovation Cluster is not another industry overhead or bureaucracy; it is a coming together of minds, energy, capability and will – for the common good.”

I would like to acknowledge Brian’s significant achievements in the development of WIC and in particular facilitating the development of a long-term vision for our collective research efforts.

Peter Dawson 

Chairman, 2014